Our Mission

Stateline Church exists to connect people with Jesus and one another.
Stateline Church is more than an organization you join; it is a family to which you belong. We believe that all people matter to God thus they matter to us. By grace we are God’s children because we are all imperfect people (imagine that) in need of God’s love every day. So you are welcome here!
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What to Expect

At Stateline Church, it is our genuine hope that you not only connect with Jesus but with one another.
US - Stateline Church

This is "US"

Stateline Church is more than a place; it’s our people in every place living out the Good News of what Jesus has done for US.

Statement of Beliefs - Stateline Church

Statement of Beliefs

Our foundation and authority of the Bible over our lives affirms and aligns with the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed.