Stateline Church is more than a place; it’s our people in every place living out the Good News of what Jesus has done for US. This happens when the hope and life that Jesus gives US is brought into our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and individual stories.

This is US…the values + standards that guide US in everything we do. Just know that the term US is not used to exclude you but quite the opposite. You too are a part of US and we are in this together!

.01 Jesus + Nothing Else

We are unapologetically Jesus centered. Regardless of what we have or don’t have, Jesus is our true hope, source of life and all we ultimately need. What we don’t need is Jesus + money, fame, power, health, etc. What we need is Jesus + Nothing Else. If we have Him, we have everything!

.02 Home Here

We will always strive to be a safe place to belong. Since we have a Perfect Jesus, we don’t have to be perfect in this home. We all have been, are currently or will be a mess; so, we need a safe place to learn, explore, ask and grow. God doesn’t give up on us, so we won’t give up on you! Your story matters, and the doors of Stateline Church are always open to you.

.03 Better Together

We are better together because we were not meant to do life alone. Church is a family. What makes a family strong is when we are connected through serving and supporting one another. Families come in all shapes and sizes, but linking arms in love is what unites us together!

.04 Generosity is Normal

Our God is a generous God! We don’t give to get something from God, but rather in response to all He’s given to us. He gave us Jesus, and Jesus gave us everything! When we realize what we have been blessed with, then we can’t help but give back! Generosity is a stewardship for everyone, regardless of our financial position. That’s why generosity is a normal part of our everyday life.

.05 About the One

All people matter to God! God goes to great lengths to pursue people because He loves each and every one of us. Thus, we gladly share in the mission and the heart of our Good Shepherd by being “about the one” who is lost, strayed or are far from God. We can all do our part to change the world by bringing love, help and hope to the one.