Stateline Church is more than a place; it’s our people in every place living out the Good News of what Jesus has done for US. This happens when the hope and life that Jesus gives US is brought into our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and individual stories.

This is US…the values + standards that guide US in everything we do. Just know that the term US is not used to exclude you but quite the opposite. You too are a part of US and we are in this together!

.01 It's All About Jesus

There is a big picture. A big story. And Jesus is the main character. We believe Jesus is unrivaled in history and eternity. He is God and He is good. His name is the only name that saves. His power is the only power that can raise US from the dead.

Our goal is not just to get people to church. Ultimately, we want people to meet Jesus. Only Jesus can be the source of life and hope that people are pining for.

.02 We are for the Stateline…it Belongs to All of US

The world is broken. There are people out there who are hurting, lost, confused, or sadly feel like they have no meaning. There are others who may be close to God in proximity or grew up in church, but have hearts that are far from Him. God desires for His people to be restored back to their rightful place–in a relationship with Him.

That is why we believe we are all called to live out a life of ministry that brings hope to the world around US. We want to live a life that leaks out the Good News of Jesus everywhere we go. We are called to do good and shine a light that draws people back to God. So loving the Stateline and ministry isn’t something for a select few. It isn’t even something we do; it is a part of who we all are.

.03 Every Story Matters

We love stories because we live in stories, we think in stories and we create stories because we intuitively know that our life is a grand story. Everybody wants a great story. However, many people today feel that isn’t possible. They think great stories are for the movies and real life is meant for tragedy.

There is a different way–a better way. Our story doesn’t have to end in sadness or hopelessness because there is a Storyteller who is an amazing author of new beginnings. He tells the greatest story ever told…the story of a Creator who loves US and sent His Son to rescue US from our stories of tragedy. Since every life matters to Jesus, they matter to US. We want to assist with the best of our abilities in helping people have a better story.

We teach the Bible to people because it is God’s story that intersects with our story. It gives US hope, faith and application to navigate life. It teaches US that God can rewrite or renew stories to bring life and hope to them.

.04 The Gospel is the Core Story

We believe that Jesus, who was God in human flesh, erased our debt on the Cross and gives all who believe in their heart and declare Him the gift of new life. Jesus did what we could never do to allow US to experience what we couldn’t have apart from Him. All that is fallen, broken and lost in this world is redeemed by Jesus.

The gospel we celebrate is not that our sin made US bad people and somehow Jesus might make US better. We believe our situation was far worse than that. Our sin left US spiritually dead and separated US from a perfect Father. Our good news is this: Jesus came to bring US from death to life.

All we do and say is anchored in the Gospel story. Through it, we see God’s plan for humanity and this world and learn most clearly who He is and what He has done.

.05 Meaningful Connections

The church can offer a distinctive value over the world that is very powerful. The church is the center of meaningful connections with both God and each other. When we engage in those connections, something powerful happens. We learn, grow, mature and come alive.

However, meaningful connections don’t happen without space and opportunity. We create tension in teaching and space in worship so that connection with God can happen.

Community and friendship are a vital part of connecting. We create spaces and opportunities for everyone to find their people so we don’t have to live life or do faith alone.

.06 We Belong

Church is more than an organization you join; it is a family to which you belong. Church is not about membership; it’s about relationship. By grace we are God’s children. That makes US family – brothers and sisters placed in a household called the Church.

Church is different and special. We are God’s people, alive because of His grace. We don’t pay our membership dues and then expect a certain return. We pitch all we have and are into the family, root our lives within our family and walk with each other through thick and thin.

It is a big potluck…bring what you have–including yourself–and share with the others. That is why it is ok to laugh, cry, sweat and pray together. That is what family is for; you don’t just belong with God, but you belong with each other.

.07 We are Better Together

We believe the story we are a part of is bigger than the role we play. Since we are a church where Jesus is central, we already happily know that it’s not about “me.” We don’t always have to get credit for everything we do because the One who sees it all rewards US all. That’s why our first response is to assume the best. We support, trust and unite.

All that being said, people aren’t robots to be programmed to act a certain way. We all have unique feelings, thoughts, perspectives, callings and gifts that God cares about, so it’s important people are heard. We don’t always get everything right; when needed, we talk to the proper people in the proper ways so that our we can become as strong as it can be. When appropriate, it is ok to fight as long as we fight right. We have conversations, listen, pray and walk in humility.

.08 Everyone Plays

We are a team and everyone has to get off the bleachers and onto the field. No one should work, serve, give or love alone because we are in this together. With that, you may have a unique role to play on the team. The key is to be yourself–the best you that God called you to be and bring that to the service of the team.

When it comes to serving God and people, we want to leave obligation in the dust. So we don’t serve because we have to or even because we can. We get to serve because it is at the core of God’s heart.

We are followers of Jesus, therefore no ask is too big and no role is too small. All roles in the church are a part of partnering with God to do His work and bring value. Thus we bring our best, are proactive, take initiative and embrace flexibility.

.09 Embrace What is Sacred

In the midst of our modern technological age, it is easy to lose sight of the mystery of God. If you and I could understand God in an app, then what kind of God would He be?!

Church is not my or your idea. It is God’s idea. There are things about God and our faith that we wrestle with and don’t understand. That is OK. God has big shoulders. He can carry our questions, struggles, doubts and burdens.

The key is to remember that if He is God, then we can let Him be God. He is Holy and to be revered, yet is kind and good. He is 100% full of grace and 100% full of truth. He has the answers when we do not. We will pursue Him at all costs and without apology.

.10 Culture Counts

Every company, organization, school and family has its own unique way of doing things. That’s called culture. Thankfully, culture is one thing each of US can decide about our lives. We choose how we want to shape the values, attitudes, languages, expectations, motivations and atmosphere in which and from which we live.

Since we are a collection of many people from various places, backgrounds and stories, we believe culture-making is essential for unifying US around shared vision and galvanizing our hearts as we carry the message of Jesus to the world. We will set forth a vision for who we want to be and will unashamedly march towards that goal.

.11 Worship is a Lifestyle

Worship is a lifestyle. It isn’t something we do. We believe there is no division between the sacred and the secular. Life is not about what you do; it’s about why you do it. Worship is doing everything we do to the fullest potential–using our unique gifts and opportunities to magnify Jesus everywhere, all the time.

We love work because we believe our work is an opportunity for ministry and worship when it’s done as a way of bringing honor to our God.

We also believe worship and justice are two sides of the same coin. Our best worship is the song our lives sing as we reach out to those in need. We can never forget that God wants justice for the poor and oppressed and that He cares for the lost and forgotten.

.12 Generosity is Normal

We are the recipients of the greatest gift the world has ever known – the love, grace and mercy of God. At no cost to US–yet at the highest cost to our Savior–we are free and forgiven forever. Our destiny has changed. Our identity is brand new. Our guilt is vanquished. Our eyes are opened. Having freely received, we freely give.

Giving is worship – and our worship is a response to the extravagant grace and glory of God. Our response isn’t to calculate how little we can return to Him, but to offer God everything as our only appropriate thanks for all we have and are in Jesus. Generosity is a stewardship of what God has given. It is all His to begin with, so what else should we do with it?

Generosity is not only for those with great wealth. We believe even what seems small can do great things when placed in the hands of God.

.13 We are Kingdom People

We love our church, but we also love that we are just a small part of the “Big C” Church Jesus is building all over the world. Stateline Church is about God’s Kingdom and not our own.

Every church doesn’t look and feel the same, nor should it. Wherever Jesus is proclaimed as Lord, the One Savior of all and the way to life forever, we seek to find ways to celebrate our common faith. We understand that people have had bad church experiences, but we look to the future experiences–not the past. So we will give grace to other churches and will ask for it in return.

Competition distracts and divides in a city where a thousand gospel-centered churches could emerge tomorrow and there still would be a need for more.

.14 Keep it in Perspective

Since Jesus is at the center, we do not take ourselves too seriously, nor do we elevate ourselves above each other. Since He is our shining star, there’s no need for US to act like big shots. However, because we are His, we also don’t cheat ourselves and live like we are nobodies. We are humbly confident in who God has made US to be.

We believe humility is not simply a character trait to be developed, it is the byproduct of being with Jesus. Thus, we strive to stay close to Him. We trust that God sees the Big Picture and we keep that in mind as we live life and interact with others.