This Weekend
Online Services Only

In an effort to maintain the health and safety of our community we are temporarily moving to online services only. Tune in at 9:00am & 10:45am CST!

Stateline Kids

Everything you need each week to aid your discipleship time with your kids.

Stateline Students

During the next season of ministry, here is what you can expect.

Home & Online Groups

We’ve gone virtual! Learn how you can stay plugged in and connected.

COVID-19 Community Response

Every day there are people in our community who have very real needs, and lots of people who would love to help meet those in needs. The problem oftentimes is making the connections between those in need, and those who want to meet a need. If you fall into either group, we would love for you to click the button to the right and allow for us to help make those connections!

Stateline Groups
Life is not meant to be lived alone. God gives us the gift of one another. At Stateline Church, it is our genuine hope that you not only connect with Jesus but with one another. We want you to find your people. So we have a lot of different types of groups/events at different times to give you an opportunity to connect, laugh, cry, sweat, pray, learn, grow and share life together. That is what family is for!