Stateline Students – the now generation!

Teens today are forced to make choices as they are figuring out who they are in a world that is constantly changing. From identity and relationships to passions and gifts, they are trying to find where they belong, and to whom they belong. In Stateline Students we know that the answer to all their questions is Jesus. He remains unchanging, and that truth in the life of our students matters. That’s why equipping the next generation by welcoming them in, walking alongside them in their faith journey, and pointing them to their identity in Christ is essential.

Here’s what you can expect at each age group!

Stateline Students meet in a specifically designed space just for them! The new space is located across our back parking lot on the back, ground floor of 7117 Crimson Ridge Dr and our Stateline Church logo is on the doors.

Middle School students will check in at the new location at 10:45 am with service starting at 11:00 am. Middle School students will need to be checked out as well. Security tags will be provided when checked in. For High School, check-in starts at 6:45 pm with service beginning at 7:00 pm.

Middle School

6th – 8th Grade

SUNDAY – 11:00 am

Middle School meets on Sunday mornings during the 11:00 am service at the Student Building. Each week students 6-8th grade will have an opportunity to connect with others, engage in worship, and hear a message that is relevant to their age and stage of life. Our hope is that each student feels seen and understood.

High School

9th – 12th Grade

SUNDAY – 5:30 – 8:00 pm

High school meets on Sunday nights at the Student Building. Doors open at 5:15 pm and service starts at 5:30 pm. Each week our High School students get an opportunity to hang out, sing worship songs, hear a message that is intentionally crafted for their age and stage of life, and review what they’ve heard in small group sessions. Our hope is that each student understands that they are invited to be a part of the church right now and not only when they “grow up.”