Love Your Stateline 6-Day Challenge

Who can you show love to these next 6 days?

Maybe an essential worker, unemployed, elderly, neighbor, family member, single parent, sick, friend, you decide!

As a church, we are going to do a 6 -day “Love Your Stateline” challenge to show that we will rise above our circumstances and live out our purpose. We will love God and others in real, simple, and tangible ways! Starting May 22nd through May 27th, We are asking ALL of you to commit to doing at least 4 of these challenges. We know that some of you won’t be able to do them all, but we hope you can do some, if not most! The beauty of these challenges is that anyone, at any stage of life, can do them. They can be done as families, alone, young, old and everything in-between. Join the challenge today!


Kids Around the World empowers groups to be a part of the solution of childhood malnutrition.

Come together on Sunday morning at Stateline for the 9 or 10:45 am service. For 60 minutes you’ll serve assembly-line fashion to pack hundreds of nutritious meals for malnourished kids . This is an event the entire family can participate together in.


Lots of people show love through cooking or providing food for others. It’s an act of love as old as humankind. Today show love by helping to feed others you know or maybe a complete stranger.

• Buy a meal or groceries for someone in line behind you

• Make a meal and drop it off

• Invite someone over for dinner

• Give bottled water, juice boxes, bags of chips to local organizations


We all want to feel that we matter to others. That feeling of being needed, of being significant to others, of “mattering,” puts meaning in our lives. Connect with someone today by call, a text or a note in the mail. Let them know you are thinking about them and ask how they are doing.


Let’s make kindness the norm in our schools, workplace and home. Where will you spend the majority of your time today? Wherever you spend the most amount of time, choose to bring kindness. Here’s a few ideas of what that can look like.


• Thank your teacher(s)
• Sit by someone who’s eating alone
• Give a compliment
• Put a sticky note with a positive message above the

drinking fountain or bathroom mirror
• Do the tasks that no one else wants to do


• Recognize a co-worker for a job well done • Bring food to work
• Give positive feedback
• Start with a complement

• Ask someone how they are and really listen


• Write a note to a family member in your home
• Do a chore without being asked
• Bake cookies for a neighbor
• Take care to really listen when your family member

tells you about their day

• Acknowledge reasons why your family member makes the world better


Pray 3 times for our community today at 8:15am, noon and 8:15pm. We’ve provided 6 topics of prayer to help guide your day. Pray on your own, with your family or friends.

• Pray for your family. Families are a crucial part of our lives. Pray for your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and children.

• Pray for your relationships between neighbors. Healthy relationships between neighbors create a supportive community. Pray for each neighbor by their name. Pray that your neighbors will know Jesus more deeply in their lives.

• Pray for our schools. Pray that schools would be a place of positive influence for students to learn, grow and foster relationships. Pray for teachers and educators as they navigate through teaching in a pandemic.

• Pray for our local churches. Pray for connection between local churches and leaders. For wisdom as churches lead through controversial topics happening in our culture today.

• Pray for safety and peace. God promises that He is faithful and will protect us. (2 Thessalonians 3:3) No matter the day or life’s events, God wants us to let go of fear and know that He has overcome the world.

• Pray for local politicians and leaders. Pray for strength, wisdom and grace as they may carry heavy burdens. Pray for community voices to be heard in matters that impact them at the local, city, and stat..e levels.


All people matter to God regardless of their beliefs, creeds, background, race, etc. We would love to see a changed world, but we believe a changed world first starts when we bring love, help and hope to the one first. Who is the one you can serve today?

• Just be there. When someone you know is in need, sometimes it’s just good to be there. Sit with them. Talk. Help out if you can.

• Wash someone’s car
• Watch someone’s kids • Plant flowers
• Yard clean up
• Ask how you can serve